Warranty & Return Policy

Wilh. Steinberg Standard One Year Warranty Policy

All of our WST strings and guitar products come with a standard one-year warranty. This warranty is valid for one year from the time the item(s) is received, and covers defects in components and workmanship. We honor this warranty by repairing or replacing the item at no extra cost.

This warranty excludes all consequential damages, and does not cover damages resulting from accident, misuse, normal wear and tear, or tampering.

For Strings, please note that strings, bow hair, rosin, pads, and other parts or accessories are all subject to normal wear and the warranty is therefore limited.

For Guitar, we provide repair and replacement services for the electronic parts only. Warranty does not apply to cosmetic damage, including but not limited to scratches, dents and discoloration; it also does not apply to all wooden parts, and other structural components such as nut, tail piece, saddle, bridge.

Customers can contact info@wilhsteinberg.de with the order number and the returning product(s). Customers shall cover the shipping costs and ship the package back to us with the given instructions. In most cases we can provide a return label.