Crafting the Tonal Core

Our craftspeople meticulously select premium grades of solid tonewoods, expertly shaping and sculpting each piece to form the guitar's body and sides. Through a masterful blend of time-honored techniques and modern precision, they coax out the inherent resonance and tonal properties of the wood, creating the foundation for a truly exceptional instrument.

Refining the Aesthetic Vision

Each instrument is meticulously hand-painted using our exclusive formula, resulting in a flawless, lustrous finish that showcases the natural grain and beauty of the tonewood. The final step in our meticulous process involves a comprehensive setup, ensuring optimal playability and intonation for musicians of all levels.

Production director of wilh steinberg strings

Scott Cao

Wilh Steinberg strings are crafted under the meticulous supervision of world-renowned luthier, Scott Cao. Recognized as one of the most acclaimed violin makers globally, Master Cao's instruments are renowned for their unparalleled tonal quality, exceptional sound projection and impeccable craftsmanship.

Meticulous Craftsmanship

From the intricate shaping of the pegbox to the painstaking application of our exclusive antique varnish, each step in the production process is carried out with the utmost precision and care. Our skilled luthiers employ time-honored techniques honed over generations, meticulously handcrafting each component to ensure optimal tonal clarity, responsive playability, and enduring beauty.

The Pinnacle of Lutherie: Our Antique Oil Varnishing Expertise

All of our Wilh. Steinberg violins undergo a meticulous antique oil varnishing technique, using only the finest natural ingredients and adhering to the revered methods of legendary Italian luthiers. The result is a violin that embodies the hallmarks of old-world elegance, with a captivating visual aesthetic and a voice that resonates with the timeless beauty of centuries-old traditions.

Tonewood Mastery: Sourcing Italy's Finest

Our violins feature premium tonewoods meticulously sourced from Italy's renowned luthier regions, the foundation for instruments of unparalleled tone and responsiveness. Adhering to centuries-old traditions, we honor this legacy by selecting only the finest materials to craft each of our violins.

Croatian Cellist

Ana Rucner

"Wilh Steinberg cello has exquisite craftsmanship and outstanding sound quality, it’s hard not to be loved by music lovers."

hong kong philharmonic principal violist

Andrew Ling

"Wilh. Steinberg violins and violas have a vibrant and briliant tone, and evoke a sweet, mellifluous color. Combined with its fine craftsmanship and affordability, it is a great choice for young professional musicians. "

Honored Artist of Crimea

Vitaly Makukin

"Wilh Steinberg's guitars are a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality and excellence. From the finest tonewoods to the meticulously sculpted contours, each guitar is a work of art, designed to inspire and elevate your playing experience."