Scott Cao

Wilh Steinberg string instruments are crafted under the meticulous supervision of world-renowned luthier, Scott Cao.

Recognized as one of the most acclaimed violin makers globally, Master Cao's instruments are renowned for their unparalleled tonal quality, exceptional sound projection, and impeccable craftsmanship.

Crafting the Tonal Core

Our master luthiers begin by meticulously selecting the finest tonewoods, expertly shaping and carving each piece to form the violin's dynamic body and sides. Through a harmonious blend of traditional methods and modern precision, they coax out the inherent warmth and resonance of the wood, creating the tonal foundation for a truly exceptional instrument.

Perfecting the Visual Artistry

Each Wilh Steinberg violin is meticulously hand-painted using our exclusive formula, resulting in a flawless, lustrous finish that showcases the natural beauty of the tonewoods. The final stage involves a comprehensive setup, ensuring optimal playability, intonation and responsiveness for musicians of all skill levels. The culmination of this painstaking craftsmanship is a violin that is not only a joy to play, but a true work of art.