WILH. STEINBERG Acoustic Guitar

The born of Wilh. Steinberg (WST) guitar is based on more than 140 years of brand history, inheriting advanced technology and brand tenet. Wilh.Steinberg guitars all use the preferred wood, combined with modern technology and European traditional craftsmanship, with German rigorous musical instrument production as the standard, for the world's guitar lovers and professional musicians to produce high-quality, great tone guitar.

For more than a century, the art of musical instrument making and the demanding selection criteria passed down from generation to generation have created a very high starting point for Wilh. Steinberg guitars. 140 years of musical instrument production experience let us know how to choose a good piece of wood to be processed into musical instruments good tone, i.e., how to make ultra-thin transparent paint that does not affect the vibration of wood. All this is the unique charm of the Wilh. Steinberg guitar given by the 140-year brand.

With more than 140 years of history, the WST guitars are made with advanced craftsmanship and brand tenet.

Every Wilh. Steinberg guitars are made of the highest quality of woods. Combining modern technology with the traditional European centennial craftsmanship, these top notch and rich-sounding guitars are made under Germany’s rigorous standards for making musical instruments.

For over a century of inheritance in the art of guitar making and the finest material selection, it has created an extremely high standard for the Wilh. Steinberg guitars. With over 140 years of experience in piano manufacturing has taught us how to choose a good piece of wood for a musical instrument that produces the perfect tone. We also able to blend an ultra-thin transparent paint that does not affect the vibration of wood but instead renders the vibration to its best performance. All of these are the unique charm granted by the century-old brand of Wilh. Steinberg guitar.