eDrum WD 601 – Microwave sensing technology

The user friendly design restore the realistic playing experience

Equipped with fell mesh-head configuration bring natural experience, simple and easy handing audio button design is more convenient for human-computer interaction; The new sliding rheostat HI-HAT design with behavior modeling provide an expressive and natural drumming experience. These new electronic kits are perfect for variety of application, including live performance, recording, teaching, practicing and so on.

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Mesh head – Adhered faithfully to the excellent

By three layer design and the middle silver reflecting surface ensure the high-speed reflection sensor and also enhanced the impact resistant capability, it is convenience to adjust the tensile force also all mesh-head can be cleaned, removed and replaced.

The cymbal– The joy, the comparable rapture of that time

To improve of the cymbal material and the structure will reduce the noise and the perception dynamics can be well distributed. The unique rim-shot design play with same feel as acoustic.

Drum pad – Unprecedented playing dynamic range

The drum kit offer the top drumming sensor sensitivity owing to the unique microwave sensor technology instead of conventional piezoelectric ceramics systems, no matter detect the slightest vibration or the string single it can be perfect at it. The innovative four-layer perception dynamics design can show the pressing hard and apply feedback that may help you create a sensitive of movement.

Hi Hat Pedal – Designed to meet the international front, the easy way using

The slider resistor designed HI-HAT pedal jointly HI-HAT control cymbal can perfectly simulate the HI-HAT’s characteristic, such as open, closed, splashed and damper. Drummer can get realistic HI-HAT sounds with smooth transitions between open and closed positions.

Sound MODULE – More powerful than you imagine, tacit cooperation reaches amazing performance

  • The well- formed operation control panel with perfectly functional.
  • The volume fader control all percussion pad output
  • The intuitional image display mode shows the way we interact with PCs, easy to operate.
  • The ST(MCU) runs the stable and reliable system
  • The unique FPGA calculated the complicated algorithms instead of the traditional DSP sound processing, the audio delays would be undetectable.
  • Bulk memory without timbre compression restore the minute details.
  • Insets at 400 kind of timbres, 25 preset kits and 15 user kits, 40 demo songs.
  • The standard configuration 5 pads and 3 cymbals, support an extension 6 pads and 4 cymbals.