Walt Disney Piano Competition – The fairytale begins. The princess dancing on the piano

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The fairytale begins: WILH. STEINBERG, Walt Disney crossover limited edition grand piano debuts in Shanghai and Chengdu

On the 9th to 10th of August, WILH. STEINBERG revealed its Walt Disney crossover, limited edition grand piano in Shanghai and Chengdu. Combining castles, princesses and fairies, this limited edition piano is also able to autonomously perform some of Disney’s most well known and lovable classics. Children were spellbound, with many posing to take pictures with this magical piano, hoping to set their musical fairytale dreams in flight.

On August 9th, Parsons Music’s East China Region General Manager, Mr Wu Fuhai, Parsons Music’s Shanghai Manager, Mr Huo Xianwei, and Parkside Plaza General Manager, Miss Li Yijun were at the unveiling of this special piano. “Wow, what a spectacular piano! There’s even an image of a beautiful princess, and it can perform by itself. Wait, is this really a piano? Surely, it isn’t a hidden MP3 device playing this wonderful music?” The mesmerising moving of the black and white keys kept audiences in rapture throughout the event.

August 10th, at the IFS International Financial Center in Chengdu, the WILH. STEINBERG, Walt Disney crossover limited edition grand piano made its fairytale debut. Playing autonomously, the piano captured the imaginations of everyone present with the magical sound of Disney’s classic music filling the air with images of magical kingdoms, princesses and fairies. At the event, Parsons Music Senior Deputy Manager, Mr Fu Yajie gave an inspiring speech following which, 12 aspiring young pianists were invited on stage to play for the audience taking everyone on a magical fantasy journey. The limited edition crossover piano embodies the essence of WILH. STEINBERG’s 137 year heritage and renown and was launched in 2014. Only five of these limited edition pianos have been commissioned and each offers superlative sound quality and spectacular playability. Through the Pianoforce Player Piano system, the piano infuses into the music, the enchanting fantasy world of Disney, bringing together the magic of castles, princesses and fairies in a unique interpretation.

The fairytale continues: Walt Disney limited crossover piano (Princess) will soon make an appearance in Beijing and Guangzhou

Children in Beijing and Guangzhou no longer have to envy their friends in Shanghai and Chendu as this magical piano will be making its fairytale appearance in Beijing and Guangzhou between the 23rd to 24th of August. Colourful and lively Disney characters join adorable young musicians in a summer fantasy dream filled with clowns and even surprise gifts! Don’t hesitate, come early and see this special limited edition grand piano up close! Meet your favourite Disney princes and princesses and experience this musical fairytale!