Walt Disney Piano Competition – Chengdu, Shanghai Competition

1 day ago

  • Chengdu Competitions

On the 25th of October, the Walt Disney 90th Anniversary Piano Competition was held at the Chengdu IFS International Finance Centre. Not only was the event held to celebrate Walt Disney’s 90th anniversary, it was also a wonderful opportunity for budding junior pianists to experience the connection between the music inspired by Walt Disney productions and the joy, happiness and fun they create.
The competition was widely lauded by music lovers. In Chengdu, over 120 competitors registered. With over 120 years of history, world renown piano maker, WILH. STEINBERG pianos, debuted at the event with the world’s only five pianos embellished with Disney Prince decorations. The full and rich sounds from the piano, enabled the junior pianists to better elaborate their individual interpretations.

The songs the children played were selected from a list of classics and included the theme song for The Wizard of Oz, relaxing and soothing pieces from Sleeping Beauty, grand pieces like Can You Feel The Love Tonight?, to cute and adorable pieces like Bibbidi – Bobbidi – Boo. Audiences were taken back to their childhood with each memorable piece played. The young contestants channeled their emotions through their fingers and towards the audience who were spellbound by the wonderful music, bursting into applause after each piece. After a long day of intense competitions, the judges narrowed down the contestants to three truly talented competitors who will represent Chengdu at the Hong Kong Disneyland finals in November.

  • Shanghai Competitions

On the 19th of October, the Shanghai semifinals of the Walt Disney 90th Anniversary Piano Competition 2014 was held at the ParkSide Plaza. 30 contestants did their best to perform their interpretation of their favourite Disney characters to an excited audience.

Despite their young age, all the children were extremely talented, having won awards in literature and music. The youngest among them was only 8 years old, with the most experienced competitors being 18 years old. Many are experienced competitors and have won numerous awards in other competitions. On stage, the children focused on sharing with the appreciative audience, what they had learned during their training. Their hands creating piece after stunning piece of music that perfectly expressed the beauty that Disney represented. The connection between contestants and audience was palpable; the respectful quiet that stills the auditorium before each performance, and the ensuing cheers of encouragement and support after each piece is played. The plaza was blanketed in wonderful, cheerful melodies. The sound of Disney’s music flowing happily throughout every inch of the mall.
After a gruelling three hour match, the final three contestants were chosen. They will make their anticipated appearance, representing Parson Shanghai, at the finals to be held at the Hong Kong Disneyland in November.