Walt Disney Piano Competition – Completion of the Beijing Semifinals

1 day ago

On the 25th October, the Walt Disney Piano Competition (Beijing) successfully concluded at the Heaven and Earth Child Development Centre located at the B1 Level of the JinYuan Shopping Mall.

Happy times passed quickly as the children played fairytale song after fairytale song, delightful tunes lingering in the mind long after the competition concluded. Not all of the children received an award, however they all understood the deeper meaning of the Disney spirit. They believed that fairytales are beautiful stories that are healthy for the mind and can instil positive attitudes in them. All the children who entered the competition possessed great talent. Competitors concentrated on playing to their best abilities, dedicating everything they learned during practice to the appreciative audience. Their love of music had taken root in their hearts in the form of beautiful rhythms.

The children did their best to illustrate Disney’s most famous characters through their own unique interpretations, presenting to the audience, their very best performance. This competition is a means for these children to enjoy a unique experience as they make their way along their colourful musical journey.